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We created the Empire State Youth Dance Ensemble to pass along modern dance’s rich history to young dancers in the Capital Region. ESYDE has created a space to unite the area’s top dancers and represents the culmination of years of dance education and performance. We are dedicated to training young dancers to succeed in professional dance and work with dancers and guardians to make sure ESYDE serves them and their schedules.

How it works:

Nacre Dance Group works with studios in four different Capital Region locations. We coordinate rehearsals with individuals studios to fit within their class and rehearsal schedule. Students who make it through the audition process are prepared for professional scaled performance by mirroring the professional environment every step of the way. They sign a contract to rehearse at their home studio with the goal of steering serious students towards a professional mindset.


The only exceptions to home studio rehearsals is the dress rehearsals and performance which is held at the Spa Little Theatre in Saratoga Springs.