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Our Mission

Nacre Dance Group believes in the power of dance. Nacre is a professional dance organization focusing on pushing the boundaries of what dance can do while remaining steeped in the rich tradition of the craft. Nacre is on a mission to connect community through dance, and through this community, reintroduce dance as a constantly evolving expressive art form. Nacre aims to elevate dance through educational programs, dance performances and professional opportunities for both dancers and choreographers. We focus on staging regional performances as an opportunity for students of dance to continue their education and as a platform for up-and-coming professionals to showcase their talents.

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Just wanted to congratulate you on a truly spectacular endeavor. It was so beautiful seeing our areas top dancers come together to perform these classic modern works. Our dancers are so very fortunate to have so much exposure to such wonderful educational & performing opportunities and our area is richer & so very blessed because of you & your work.

— Tina, ESYDE Student Parent